About Hydrangea Love

Hey there!

Hydrangea Love was born out of pure love for big, colorful blooms.

After many attempts to grow a big, bountiful garden, I noticed that one of my plants always did exceptionally well – no matter how much care they received.

Even through neglect, my hydrangeas always looked healthy and beautiful. (They really are the saving grace of any garden.) So I decided to explore the different colors and varieties of hydrangeas in order to add more of them to my garden.

Now, I plant them anywhere and everywhere, and I enjoy sharing my “Hydrangea Love” with anyone who will listen. 🙂

My Favs

Fav Hydrangea


Fav Garden tool

Japanese Hoe

Fav coffee

Iced Latte

Fav HOliday

4th of July

Have you ever found yourself wondering things like, “How do you deadhead hydrangea plants?” or, “Do deer eat hydrangea?” If you have, then this is the place for you!

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